Comprehensive Downeast Maine Sea Kayaking Guide

Tucked into Maine’s easternmost corner, Downeast Maine stretches along craggy shores dotted with fishing villages and beacon lighthouses. This frontier region facing the open Atlantic remains one of the wildest paddling destinations on the eastern seaboard.
Now, picture exploring it all from a slim sea kayak! Rugged cliffs, remote islands, and abundant wildlife make it a sea kayaker’s paradise.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about sea kayaking in this beautiful region.

Note: While sea kayaking offers immense rewards, it also carries inherent risks worth acknowledging. Despite hot summer air temperatures, the Gulf of Maine’s waters remain dangerously cold year-round. Sudden fog or storms can also blow in quickly. Only experienced paddlers should venture out alone. Otherwise, stick to guided tours for safety.

Sea Kayaking in Downeast Maine

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! As you slide your kayak into the crystalline waters of Downeast Maine, a whole world of wonder awaits. See, on land, you only admire the beauty of this place. But once on the water, you become part of it.

Dip your paddle and glide along cliffs sculpted by the sea into flowing works of art. Each paddle stroke lets you sneak into hidden coves and sea caves. Marvel at the emerald waters and forested islands all around you – the scenery just doesn’t quit!

And the best part? With so few powerboats zipping around, Downeast Maine still feels wonderfully remote and unspoiled. You’re free to roam shorelines nearly forgotten by time, finding pocket beaches and tide pools brimming with sea life. Run your fingers through white sand untrampled by crowds, and breathe air laced only with salt and pine. Doesn’t it sound like heaven?

Types of Sea Kayaking Tours in Downeast Maine

How you want to experience Downeast Maine is up to you. From short beginner paddles to multi-day camping trips, there are tours for every interest and ability level.

Beginner Tours

If kayaking is as foreign to you as the Maine accent, beginner tours teach you the ropes. Typically lasting 60-90 minutes, these short trips occur on gentle, protected waters like harbors and coves. With a small group size, you’ll get plenty of personal instruction from your guide. They’ll coach you on proper paddling technique, turning, stopping, and leaning into turns. Before you know it, you’ll feel steady and confident out on the water!

Sunrise/Sunset Tours

Early birds and night owls unite! Take in the fiery colors of dawn or dusk while kayaking out on the water. Sunrise/sunset paddles usually last two to three hours. They are perhaps the most peaceful type of tour, striking a balance between soaking up magical lighting conditions and covering enough distance to admire Downeast Maine’s wild beauty.

2-Hour Tours

When your schedule is jam-packed but you’re itching to get out on the water, two-hour kayak tours are your new best friend. You’ll have time to explore without committing to half a day. Offering a nice blend of sightseeing and skills practice, they’re also a smart next step for beginner paddlers.

Half-Day Tours

Half-day kayaking tours last around four hours, giving you enough time to cover some distance. Cover longer distances while allowing time to relax and soak up your surroundings. Half-day tours often include opportunities to get out and walk remote beaches, have a woods-to-table picnic snack, or even snorkel crystal clear waters.

All-Day Tours

For more serious kayakers, all-day tours let you eat up the miles. Launch at first light, and you could easily paddle 15 to 20 miles before heading home. Plan to stop at islands and coves to swim, beachcomb, or snap photos along the way. Covering serious mileage over 8-10 hours, be prepared for a thrilling full-body workout. After a full day under your belt, you’ll really feel like a sea explorer!

Private Tours

Prefer paddling with just your family or close friends? Private kayak tours are another option offered by most providers. An expert guide can personalize the location and activities to your interests and skill level. Private tours typically offer more flexibility as well. Plus, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with a bigger group.

Multi-Day Trips

If you want to kayak to that island in the distance and stay awhile, check out the multi-day tours. Paddling from point A to point B over several days, you might camp on islands or sleep in shoreside cottages and B&Bs. However you rest your head at night, you’ll wake to sunrise sea views and more magical paddling.

Destination Trips

Like multi-day tours, destination kayaking trips have you paddling from one location to another over a set period. The difference? You leave your car at the starting point and get shuttled back there afterward. No need to loop back mid-journey. Point your bow towards adventure and see where the tides take you!

11 Areas to Kayak in Downeast Maine

With miles of starkly beautiful coastline, Downeast Maine offers many fabulous places to dip your paddle. Here are spots you won’t want to miss:

Deer Isle

Nestled between Mount Desert Island and the mainland, Deer Isle is Downeast Maine’s second largest island. It steals sea kayakers’ hearts with its coastline indented by countless curving coves. Glide your kayak through the emerald bays to discover tiny beaches backed by sun-bleached driftwood. In the distance, the hills of Blue Hill Peninsula paint beautiful strokes across the horizon.

Be sure to visit Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park. Covering over 1,000 acres, the park has lovely beaches and campsites – the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or overnight under the stars!

Frenchman Bay

Facing the Atlantic Ocean head-on, Frenchman Bay borders the famous Acadia National Park. The rounded mountains of Mount Desert Island form a scenic backdrop as you ply the protected waters of the bay. Abundant birdlife along these shores includes regal bald eagles and comical puffins. What a show!

Penobscot Bay

Scenic island hopping awaits across Penobscot Bay! Studded by over a hundred islands, Penobscot Bay promises sublime island-hopping adventures. Paddle out of idyllic harbors like Belfast, Rockport, or Camden to explore this sprawling archipelago.

Mussel reefs shimmer beneath the surface while bobbing buoys mark submerged lobster traps, clues to the bay’s lively maritime culture. Peek at Millionaire’s Row summer “cottages” on Islesboro. You can also stretch your sea legs out to Vinalhaven, North Haven, or Matinicus Islands for overnight camping under starry Downeast skies.

Naskeag Point

Tucked into the Blue Hill Peninsula, Naskeag Point charms with its quiet coves and fishing village charm. Brooklin Boat Yard nearby has launched famous sailing ships for over a century.

This peaceful harbor is also once home to legendary designer Nat Benjamin’s boatyard, builder of graceful wooden sailboats.

Breathe in that salty boatbuilding tradition as you glide across the harbor’s still waters. Paddling Naskeag Harbor lets you dip into Downeast Maine’s rich maritime soul.

Mount Desert Island

Home to Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island (MDI) lures kayakers with its striking natural beauty. The mountains of MDI plunge dramatically into the sea, while countless rockbound islands lie scattered off its shores. Combined with Cadillac Mountain’s panoramic views, MDI makes for world-class paddling indeed!

Offshore, over a dozen islands tempt kayakers for day trips or primitive camping under starry Downeast skies. And rocky cliffs give way to pocket beaches while locals and tourists mingle dockside in charismatic villages like Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor.

No wonder it welcomes over 2 million visitors a year!

Isle Au Haut

South of Deer Isle sits Isle Au Haut, a remote island rimmed by dozens of tiny satellite islands. Paddle through the archipelago out to Duck Harbor or Eagle Island for great birdwatching. If you have time, hike inland to visit one of Isle Au Haut’s freshwater ponds.

With both backcountry wilderness and comfy lodgings available, Isle Au Haut makes an ideal base for multi-day sea kayaking adventures in the Downeast.

Swan’s Island

West of Mount Desert Island, Swan’s Island feels deliciously far “Downeast.” Intrepid kayakers can meander through Buckle Island Harbor to find the trio of islands at its heart. Uninhabited Hen, Duck, and Buckle Islands have pocket beaches ideal for beaching your kayak and exploring on foot.

Cool your toes in tidepools brimming with sea stars and periwinkles (or wrinkles, as locals call them). As you breathe deep among the spruces, the distant foghorns are your only reminder of the outside world.


Getting closer to the Canadian border, Milbridge makes another excellent Downeast base camp. Dip into the Narraguagus River. Or embark north along the rocky coastline, scattered with granite islands like Pond Island and Mistake Island.

This less trafficked area promises plentiful wildlife sightings of seals, osprey, and bald eagles. Time your journey for low tide to poke into vibrant tidepools or explore sea caves.


Once a thriving sailors’ haven, tiny Jonesport still faces the wild Atlantic head-on from Downeast Maine’s mainland shore. This stoic fishing village promises quintessential coastal paddling, best explored by kayak.

Bold Coast

The Bold Coast stretches between Cutler Harbor and Lubec. It unfurls for 18 spectacular miles towards Canada. Granite cliffs loom high over tiny gravel beaches in this wild, remote area. While challenging, its scenic beauty astounds.

Time your paddle here carefully with the tidal currents for an easier ride.

Cobscook Bay

As we reach the extremity of Downeast Maine, a visit to Cobscook Bay is essential. Cobscook Bay forms the border between Maine and Canada. And it offers miles of sheltered paddling. Dip into inlets like Whiting Bay or visit Lubec, America’s easternmost town.

Keep your eye out for seals and colorful dories bobbing in the harbor. This frontier region is still alive, with fishermen plying the Fundy tides in search of lobster and scallops!

Wildlife To See While Sea Kayaking in Downeast Maine

Paddling quietly by sea kayak lets you spot all kinds of critters. Harbor seals are certainly the most common, hauling out on ledges and skerries to bask. Watch for their whiskered faces popping up around your kayak! If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the rare porpoise, which also frequents the area at times. Their small black fins slice the water as they surf alongside, feeding on fish.

With luck, you may catch a whale sighting offshore during your paddle. Migrating humpbacks stop to feed in these food-rich waters. Keep an eye out for their bushy blows. Bald eagles are another treat. With a seven-foot wingspan, they’re hard to miss as they swoop overhead or perch majestically in pines along the shore.

If you paddle inland on rivers and marshes, you will likely see great blue herons stalking the shallows. The classic sight of these six-foot birds taking flight is always delightful. Kingfishers may zip past, too, their mad cackles giving away their presence. And, of course, what trip to Maine would be complete without sighting the state bird, the black-capped chickadee? That friendly “chick-a-dee-dee” call remains one of the sweetest sounds in nature.

What to Bring Sea Kayaking, and Why?

Kayaking gear falls into three categories – clothing, personal items, and boat equipment. Let’s take a look at each.

When paddling new waters, it helps to come prepared for any conditions. Think ahead about your needs on a kayak tour – what equipment may be provided versus items you should pack yourself? We’ll break it down so you can plan accordingly.


  • Synthetic, moisture-wicking layers that dry quickly
  • Windproof/waterproof rain gear jacket and pants
  • Hat for sun protection and warmth
  • Sunglasses with strap
  • Water shoes/sandals with back straps
  • Wool socks
  • Gloves for cold weather paddle trips

The key to kayak clothing is versatility. Temperatures on the water vary greatly, so synthetic layers that wick moisture and dry quickly help you stay comfy no matter what comes up. Outer wind/waterproof layers guard from splashes or spray (and trust us, spray happens!). Caps, sunglasses, water shoes, and gloves round out the basics to pack.

Personal Items

  • Snacks like energy bars, fruit, trail mix
  • Reusable water bottle (filled before your tour)
  • Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF
  • Towel
  • Dry bag/phone case for protecting valuables
  • Extra clothing in case you get wet
  • First-aid supplies like ibuprofen and bandaids
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Binoculars

Hydration and nutrition keep your energy stores topped off, so pack water bottles and nourishing snacks to fuel the miles. Protective items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and phone dry bags shield against the elements, too. Beyond that, consider personal comforts like towels, dry clothing, or first-aid supplies, as well as fun add-ins like cameras or binoculars to admire wildlife.

On overnight trips, remember essentials like sleeping bags, camping sleeping pads, and headlamps as well. Duct tape offers a handy on-the-fly fix for unexpected gear rips or tears, too!

What May Be Provided

Most guided tours arrange basic kayaking equipment like boats, paddles, lifejackets, and spray skirts. Inquire with your tour company ahead of time regarding specifics on what exactly they outfit you with; some places allow particular gear rentals. The bottom line is that packing well allows you to sit back, relax, and focus completely on exploring magnificent Downeast Maine by sea kayak!

Top Sea Kayaking Tour Companies In Downeast Maine

With over 100 miles of stunning coastline, Downeast Maine offers boundless options for guided sea kayaking tours. Highly reputable companies staff knowledgeable guides to lead paddlers of all abilities to the region’s most striking destinations. Here, we highlight a few top-rated outfitters ready to launch your next adventure.

Maine State Sea Kayak

Based on Mount Desert Island, this highly-rated guide service delights visitors with specialized sea kayaking excursions in Acadia National Park and along the MDI coast since 1990.

Driftwood Kayak

Driftwood Kayak guides lead kayaking day trips and multi-day expeditions along the midcoast region between Kittery and Stonington. They also offer beginner instructional courses out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Led by experienced guide Peter Jones.

Nautical By Nature

Specializing in private charters, this small guide company shares the hidden highlights of Downeast Maine’s coastline, venturing to remote beaches and harbors untouched by crowds.

Osprey’s Echo Sea Kayaking

Founded by Registered Maine Guide Will Steinharter, Osprey’s Echo offers skill-building paddles and scenic tours showcasing the storied island archipelago of Stonington.

Coastal Kayaking Tours

Conveniently located in Bar Harbor, this highly reputable outfitter has offered an array of breathtaking kayak tours among Acadia National Park’s dramatic Porcupine Islands for over 20 years.

Pinniped Kayak

Pinniped kayak empowers paddlers of all abilities to safely access Downeast Maine’s premier sea kayaking destinations with student-centered instruction led by founder Nate Hanson.

Castine Kayak Adventures

Family-owned and operated since 1997, Castine Kayak Adventures provides intimate, customized sea kayaking trips and clinics amidst the islands and rich history of midcoast Maine.

Ready for Adventure?

Downeast Maine’s rugged natural beauty and abundant wildlife make it a sea kayaker’s paradise. With tours ranging from one hour to multiple days, there are paddling adventures here for every interest and skill level. Pick a stretch of that dramatic coastline, pack your gear, and let the fun begin!

And for the ultimate insider experience, consider booking a vacation rental property equipped with kayaks right on the water! Wake up to salty breezes in a charming coastal cottage, beach house, or quiet island camp. Many properties come stocked with all the paddling equipment you could need to launch explorations right from your private dock or shoreline.

Paddle at your own pace, charting courses to quiet coves and islands where few tourists go. After full days immersed in Downeast magic, retreat back to your home base to grill lobsters al fresco and watch the sunset with a locally brewed craft beer.

Discover your perfect coastal camp today! Fair winds to you, and we’ll see you on the water.

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