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General FAQs

We offer a variety of rental properties, including cabins, cottages, houses, and apartments, in various locations throughout Maine.

Maximum occupancy refers to the maximum number of guests, including adults and children, who can occupy the rental property overnight. This number is often determined by the septic system's capacity and insurance certificates that dictate how many people can safely occupy the house based on emergency egress. Even if a property has more beds than advertised, Maine Rentals & Real Estate cannot exceed the insurance company's occupancy limit. However, you can have "day" guests visit the property if they don't spend the night. It is important to note that large gatherings, parties, family reunions, or other occasions at any of the properties are not permitted without prior written approval from the property owner.

No, the property listings on Maine Rentals & Real Estate's website offer only a brief description of each available property. Researching and asking questions is important to ensure you have all the necessary information. Maine Rentals & Real Estate is always willing to answer any questions and provide additional information about their rental properties if you let them know beforehand. So, if you have any specific queries, please contact them.


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To book a vacation rental with Maine Rentals & Real Estate, you can browse their properties online and contact them for availability and pricing. They offer an online booking option but also welcome personal inquiries by phone or email. Once you select a property, you will receive a rental agreement to sign and return with payment. Maine Rentals & Real Estate can assist you daily from 9 AM to 4 PM. The reservation process may vary but generally involves selecting dates and paying a deposit or full payment.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate does not offer discounts based on the number of guests staying at the property. The advertised price per property is the final price, regardless of the number of guests.

No, you are not allowed to visit the rental property or drive down private roads leading to it until 5 pm on your check-in day. Although it is a rare request, Maine Rentals & Real Estate believes they provide enough pictures and information on their website for guests to decide about renting a property. Guests can view the property with a real estate broker if it is for sale. Still, they need to inform Maine Rentals & Real Estate beforehand to avoid any confusion.

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. Renters must inform the rental agent in advance if they will be bringing a pet, and this pet must be listed and accounted for on lease. If granted permission, an additional NON-REFUNDABLE $75 fee is required, with a $25 fee for each additional pet. It is paramount that pet owners use and ensure the utmost care regarding the property and their pet’s behavior. Please keep your pet off the furniture or cover furniture with a sheet that the renter will launder prior to departure. If the pet is left unattended in the property, it must be kept in a crate or similar device. Do not let your pet harm the property by scratching at doors, screens, lawns, etc. All droppings must be disposed of properly by bagging and disposing of them in the refuse, or if the location allows, disposing in a wooded area and not left where people would normally walk, on the lawn, within view of the premises, etc. Pets also should not be allowed to run loose or create a disturbance to any neighbors. The home will be meticulously inspected on guest departure.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate vacation rental homes are furnished with necessities such as kitchen supplies, linens, and towels. However, guests should plan to bring extra items like sleeping bags and personal entertainment. Limited supplies of paper towels, toilet paper, and trash bags are also provided.

Your rental home is clean and prepared for your stay. In the unlikely event that you find any deficiencies at the property regarding cleanliness or maintenance, please notify us IMMEDIATELY. We are intent on working to address problems in an expedient manner. In the unlikely event cleaning deficiencies are identified, a cleaner will be sent to remedy reasonable cleaning requests, but such will NOT constitute a refund of cleaning fees, nor will choosing to clean the property yourself. As with all homes, unexpected breakages, outages or acts of nature can occur. Please understand that we will make every effort to remedy problems at rental homes and that these unfortunate occurrences will not constitute any refund or compensation of fees except in the event that the property must be immediately vacated. In such events the Lessor or Agent will not be liable for any restitution beyond the rental fees as stipulated in this lease, and ONLY for unused days.

The minimum stay requirement for Maine Rentals & Real Estate properties is usually seven nights during peak season and two to three nights during the off-season. However, minimum stay requirements may vary depending on the property and dates of stay. It's best to check individual property listings for more information.

Smoking is not permitted inside the premises at any time. Smoking outside away from windows and doors is permitted.

Yes, you can often save money by booking directly through Maine Rentals & Real Estate as they do not charge additional fees like third-party websites such as Airbnb.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate has implemented a rigorous cleaning protocol for over ten years and has created the Maine Rentals & Real Estate Clean Guarantee to ensure all properties are clean, disinfected, and well-maintained for every guest check-in.

You can contact Maine Rentals & Real Estate by phone or email between 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday, as they aim to provide an exceptional vacation experience and are available to assist you throughout your stay.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate will try its best to locate and return any lost items, but it cannot be held responsible for them. You can contact their office to retrieve your lost item, but you will be charged a $35 handling fee plus postage. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after 30 days.

Call 911 from your rental home or cell phone if you have a medical emergency. For non-medical emergencies, call the "Emergency" number in your Welcome Book and Guest Portal. Maine Rentals & Real Estate has a 24/7 on-call team available to assist with any emergency.

Travel insurance is a type of protection that can help you recover the cost of your trip if unexpected events such as illness, injury, or job loss affect your vacation plans. Maine Rentals & Real Estate highly recommends purchasing travel insurance to protect renters from the financial consequences of such events.

Renting Your Property with Maine Rentals

Please call us to discuss this further.

Lessee assures the Lessor that any Lessee who violates any of the terms of this lease can be immediately denied occupancy and have this lease terminated, and will willingly vacate the property as instructed.

Check-in & Check-Out FAQs

The property will be available at 4:00 PM on the lease start date, and the Lessee must vacate by 10:00 AM on the lease end date. Follow these times for cleaning and preparing the house for the next guest. Check-in and check-out times may vary depending on the specific rental property, so confirm directly with Maine Rentals & Real Estate. Early check-in and late check-out options are available for a fee. Complying with these times ensures enough time for cleaning and preparing the property for the next guest.

Before departure, the Lessee is requested to wash, dry, and return their laundry to the same location where it was found. All dishes, including those in the dishwasher, should be cleaned and returned to their original location. Starting a load of the last used linens prior to departure is appreciated as it helps ensure the property is ready for the next guest. The Lessee will also need to return any keys to their original location as found upon arrival and pack all belongings.

The Lessee shall not assign this lease, sublet, or permit the premises or any part thereof to be used by others without the prior written consent of the Agent/Lessors in each instance.

Before arrival, guests will receive instructions on accessing the rental property. The instructions will be provided a few days before the stay, including details on key pick-up, a unique code for keyless entry, or access to the lockbox. This means that guests can go directly to the rental property without any additional stops. The instructions will be provided a few days before the stay and will include details on key pick-up.

You will be provided with a key or unique code for your stay which will allow you to access the home. This system lets you check in any time after the designated 4:00 PM check-in time.

Guests are asked to consolidate garbage and recycling in the provided bins, leave towels and washcloths in the bathrooms, and leave all linens on the bed. Before departure, all windows and doors should be closed and locked, and any keys returned to their original location.

Property Usage FAQs

The Lessee shall use the premise as a private residence and for no other purposes. The Lessee assures the Lessor that the tenants will observe all conditions and terms of this lease to maintain the premises in good order and appearance and will conduct themselves in a manner inoffensive to neighbors. Lessee agrees not to condone, conduct or participate in any illegal activity on or near the premises.

Renting multiple homes for a large group is a common request, but finding vacation homes in Maine accommodating over ten people and meeting quality standards can be difficult. With the short summer season and many property owners wanting to use their homes themselves, limited options are available. While we only have a handful of vacation rentals can sleep ten or more people, they book up quickly. As a result, many groups opt to rent two or more homes close to each other. However, this can present some challenges. For instance, some groups may exceed the maximum occupancy limit, which can cause issues like noise complaints from neighbors and parking problems. In the past, a group of 25 renters who rented four homes from us caused many problems due to exceeding the occupancy limit and congregating in one property, leading to complaints from neighbors and even causing structural damage to a deck. Additionally, the renters mixed up the belongings between the different properties. Therefore, we will consider allowing larger groups to rent multiple homes from us. Still, we require strong reassurances that they will not exceed the maximum occupancy limit of any of the homes and that they will hold their larger gatherings at other locations away from the rental properties.

Yes, we only rent to people 25 years old or older.

No recreational vehicles or tents may be occupied on the property nor may it be connected to the house for water power supply unless prior authorization is received.

No, tents and kiddie pools can damage the grass underneath them and increase the number of renters beyond the maximum occupancy limit.

Only if the property has a designated firepit or area for a fire. Some oceanfront properties may allow fires below the high tide water mark on the beach.

Not necessarily. Some amenities, such as floating docks, may not be available until late June and will be pulled in September. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions.

Payment FAQs

Each property is different, but typically the rental price includes utilities such as water, electricity, and gas. Linens, towels, and other amenities may also be included, but it's best to check with us about specific details for each property.

If an outdoor grill is present, it must be used and then allowed to cool down a minimum of 6 feet from the house or any porches. No fuel for the grill is to be stored within the house. Lessee must clean and leave the grill in the same condition as upon arrival. DRR does not guarantee constant availability of gas for gas grills. Should a tank become empty during your stay, the Lessee may refill the tank at the nearest supplier and submit a receipt to DRR for a full refund.

Yes, besides the rental charge, there are cleaning fees, processing fees, local sales and occupancy taxes that range from 6.75% to 13%, depending on the county, and a security deposit. Cleaning fees vary based on the property size and are listed in the individual property descriptions.

Yes, a deposit of 50% of rental fees, processing, and taxes is required when booking. The remaining balance must be paid 60 days before check-in. If a reservation is made less than 60 days before check-in, full payment is required at the time of reservation.

In lieu of a security deposit, we include a $45 Accidental Damage Rental Insurance fee on your reservation. DAMAGE MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO CHECKOUT IN ORDER FOR THE COVERAGE TO APPLY. OTHERWISE, UNREPORTED DAMAGES OR MISSING ITEMS WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RENTAL GUESTS AND BILLED TO THE RENTER FOLLOWING DEPARTURE AND/OR REPORTED TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. This waiver DOES NOT cover negligent, willful or wanton conduct; and the renter agrees to cover the cost of any such damage beyond normal wear and tear. Lessee will maintain this property in good condition, leaving the property orderly and with only reasonable cleaning required.

For contracts where the Damage Waiver (Accidental Insurance) is not utilized, a security deposit will be required and held for the use of fees, loss or damage by people or pets, as well as to cover fees for proper clean-up and removal of rubbish at check-out. All security deposits will be returned within 30 days following Lessee’s departure, providing there are no withholdings. In the event that a security deposit withholding is required, you will be notified of the cause and amount to be withheld including an additional $50 administrative fee.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate does not charge the security deposit upfront but rather holds the card on file in case of accidental damages during the stay. After the home is inspected and found in good condition, the hold on the card is released with no charges ever applied.

Renters can pay for their rental with a cashier's check, personal check, or one of the four major credit cards. The security deposit is not charged before arrival. Any issues and subsequent charges will be communicated within ten days of checkout.

In the event of cancellation of a rental contract, refund of the rental deposit will be made only to the extent that a tenant can be found to occupy the vacated time reserved under this contract unless the cancellation is made 90 days prior to the term of this contract, less a $150/rental week administrative fee. For cancellations made less than 90 days prior to the rental period, we cannot guarantee that we can rebook the property or rebook it at the same rental rate stipulated in this lease. In such cases, the Lessee will only be refunded the rental rate achieved in the replacement booking if one is found. However, the Lessee will receive a full refund of taxes, cleaning fee and security deposit (if applicable) less the $150/rental week administrative fee.In the event that we are not successful in re-renting the property, the Lessee is responsible for full payment of the total rental amount.

Once you have paid in full for your vacation rental, you can expect to receive an email containing the driving directions and access information to your rental property 21 days before your scheduled stay. In the week leading up to your stay, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm that you have all the necessary details, including the access code to enter the property. If you have not received this information within two weeks of your scheduled stay, please contact our offices so we can resend it.

Refunds will be issued to guests like they originally paid, except for eCheck payments. In that case, a bank check will be sent to the renter's address on file.

Cancellation FAQs

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If you have any other questions concerning our Downeast Maine rentals feel free to contact us directly.

In the event of cancellation of a rental contract (the signed lease), a refund of the advance rental deposit is made only to the extent that a replacement renter can be found to occupy the vacated period, unless cancellation is made in writing 90 days or more prior to the terms of the contract less a $150 per week administrative fee.

For a cancellation made less than 90 days prior to the contract terms, a refund will be given only if the property is rebooked. In such cases, the refund will be based on the rental rate achieved for the replacement booking. Taxes, cleaning and damage waiver fees (or security deposit) will be fully refunded. Renters are encouraged to purchase rental insurance.

Communications & Internet Access FAQs

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it. While 95% of our rental properties have internet access, it may not be reliable in rural areas. It may take days or weeks to repair in case of an outage. We don't offer refunds for non-working internet. However, we can inform you if your renting property has better internet access than others. Maine's cell phone coverage is improving every year, and we can discuss it with you if it's essential. Only around 10% of our rental properties have a landline, so please inform us if it's essential for you.

Maine's cell phone coverage is getting better every year. Let us know if it's essential for you.

Around 50% of our rental properties have a landline. Please inform us if it's essential for you.

Guest Expectations

It is highly recommended that you verbalize any assumptions you may have about the rental property and make sure you fully understand it before renting it. This is because many guests make assumptions and regret not clarifying them beforehand. Therefore, it is important to communicate your concerns or questions before renting the property.

No, it is not safe to assume that everything will remain the same since property owners tend to make changes and updates, and these changes may affect your expectations. It is important to communicate your expectations upfront, especially if you have rented the property before, to avoid any disappointments.

Yes, guests with allergies have contacted us to inform us of their allergies to certain items, such as down pillows, cleaning products, and air fresheners. If we had known beforehand, we could have accommodated their needs or resolved the issue before arrival. Guests should not assume that we will be aware of their allergies and should inform us when booking the property. We never rent to cats, but some owners may have cats in their homes during the off-season. If guests have allergies to bees, we will ensure that there are no nests on the property before their arrival. We aim to provide an allergy-free vacation, so guests should inform us of any allergies they have when booking.

No, guests are not required to clean the vacation rental property before leaving, as a cleaning fee is included in the booking. The only tasks guests are responsible for include consolidating garbage and recycling in the proper bins and leaving linens on the beds. The cleaning crew will handle the rest of the cleaning. Basic cleaning supplies are available if guests need them.

A Mid-Stay Clean is a cleaning service available for guests during their stay, with the cost varying depending on the property. The service includes up to three hours of cleaning, such as making beds, doing dishes, and light cleaning. The service also contains washing and replacing linens and towels for rentals over two weeks. The cleaning crew will need the house to be vacant on Wednesdays or Thursdays to carry out the cleaning.
The same team that cleaned the property before and after your arrival will perform the mid-stay clean, ensuring they are reliable and trustworthy.

You must bring all the food, condiments, and other supplies you might need during your stay. However, our properties are generally well-stocked with essential tools and amenities to ensure a great vacation experience. Basic cleaning supplies and soap are provided, but if you have specific preferences, you should bring your own. If you did not rent linens and towels, you would need to bring those. And if you plan on swimming, be sure to pack beach towels.

We cannot guarantee the availability of beach chairs at the property as it varies from owner to owner. While some may provide them, others may not. Also, beach chairs tend to be of low quality and may break easily. Hence, we do not inventory these items and advise guests to bring their own chairs if it's important to them.

The water source for 99% of our properties is either a well or city water and is generally safe for drinking straight from the tap. The details about the water source can be found in the Amenity section of the property listing.

Maine Rentals & Real Estate is responsible for about 70% of the properties they offer for rent. The other 30% are managed by the property owner or a caretaker/property manager they hired. If something needs fixing, guests should contact the company's office right away using the communication schedule provided. If On the Water in Maine manages the property, they will work to fix the issue as soon as possible based on the urgency and guests' availability. However, for the other 30% of listings not managed by the company, they will forward the issue to the property owner or their caretaker to address. While they can't guarantee an immediate response, they will do everything possible to address the problem quickly.

Lessee will leave all pipes, wires, glass, plumbing, and other equipment and fixtures in the same condition and position as at the beginning of the term of the lease (reasonable wear and tear excepted). Lessee agrees that they shall not paint or make any other alterations to the property's appearance, including but not limited to changing existing locks or adding new ones, without the lessor's written consent. FURNISHINGS MUST REMAIN IN THE POSITION AS ON ARRIVAL. Lessee will be charged for any alterations made to the premises and the cost of returning them to their original condition.

The company does not include bikes or boats, such as canoes or kayaks, with any of its rental properties unless specified in the listing. They recommend renting boats from The Activity Shop in Blue Hill Maine which can be delivered to the property before arrival. However, they do not guarantee any rentals' quality or working conditions.

Since new renters often take possession of the property soon after departure, it is difficult for the staff to return to search for lost items. Therefore, a fee of $50 is charged for retrieving lost things, in addition to shipping and handling costs. To avoid this, it is recommended to thoroughly check the rental property before leaving.

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